Elementary School Faculty

To e-mail a faculty, the e-mail is Firstname.Lastname@k12.sd.us.
For example, to e-mail Mr. Aslesen, his e-mail is Travis.Aslesen@k12.sd.us

Staff Assignment
Dr. Marie Lohsandt Superintendent
Elementary Principal
Travis Aslesen Secondary Principal
Chad Podhardsky Student Advocate (website)
Layne Meyers Tech. Coordinator
Marcia Sherman Business Official
Kathy Yanish Elementary Admin. Assistant
Stephanie Austerman 2nd Grade
Kimberly Beyer 3rd Grade
Brett Bosn Elem. PE
Kerstin Bosn Paraprofessional
Steffany Dunwoody Art
Erin Feldhaus 6th Grade
Sarah Feldhaus Librarian
Dani Forster Special Education
Kay Genzlinger Paraprofessional
Tammy Gorry Custodian
Shawna Jacobson Title 1
Sharon Klinkhammer Spec. Ed. & Preschool
Tamara Kuhle 6th Grade
Holly Litterick Paraprofessional
Donna Mathison Vocal & Band
Christa Miller 3rd Grade
Keith Moe 4th Grade
Head Track
Tamara Oswald 2nd Grade
Diane Rentz Paraprofessional
McKenna Rudebusch Paraprofessional
Jessica Schumaker Paraprofessional
Kailee Schwader 4th Grade
Sandra Schwader 5th Grade
Dawn Skotvold Special Education
Audrey Spader Speech Clinician
Theresa Uthe 1st Grade
Stacy Wingen Kindergarten
Karna Adler Shannon Colony- Paraprofessional
Laura Hoff Shannon Colony - Teacher
Kim Klinkhammer Shannon Colony- Paraprofessional
Joleene Spader Shannon Colony - Teacher