Booster Club


Kay Kramer, President

Kari Gosmire, Secretary

Lisa Genzlinger, Treasurer

Important Documents

19-20 Concession Stand Worker List

Booster Club ByLaws

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Raffle Request Form

Booster Club Minutes

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The Booster Club organizes the concession stand at the school activates. Many area businesses volunteer and to take the concession stand on game nights. Also HHS sports and organizations also volunteer, but parents of all students involved in school activities to be assigned shifts in the concession stand also.

The Booster Club members have voted to set aside a certain dollar amount for each school year to be disbursed toward school actives requests. Activity coaches and advisors just need to fill out a request form and hand that into AD Pat Ruml or Finance Committee Chairman, Kim Klinkhammer.

The Booster Club will continue to have fundraisers throughout the school year and appreciate all volunteer help offered.


Samples will be hanging in the gym entrance in the booster club cabinet.