Important Notices

Junior Ellen Lewis has been selected as one of the 10 finalist in the “Make College Happen Challenge”.
Now she needs our help! Please go to
and vote for her to win $10,000!!! Votes may be entered daily!!!! Congratulations and Good Luck, Ellen!!!!!!!

  • Important Dates:
    • February 8 @ 7:30pm: School Board Meeting
    • February 10; starting at 1pm
      • Lifetouch Winter Sport Pictures
      • Picture Day ID: GF605565X0
    • Cancelled: February 13th: Parents Night Out
      due to low participation.
  • Attention Parents of HS students and interested community members: The Howard Junior Parents are looking for people interested in donating a prize for the After Prom Party.  The prizes would be needed by March 31st and could be dropped off at the Howard High School Office.  Please contact Nancy Erickson (770-5944) or any of the Junior Parents if you would like to donate.  We appreciate your help in making this a fun and memorable event for our students!
  • Each month Howard Education Association, along with the help of the teachers, awards a student with the Student of the Month Certificate and a small prize. These students can be chosen for their contributions to the school and community, for being caring, energetic students, making improvements in the classroom, and/or who have shown to be good role models for other students.​

Congratulations to the following students for being voted January Students of the Month: Blake Mommaerts, Paul Winker, Trevor Petrik, Cailey Hinker, Caitlyn Palmquist and Carolyn Koepsell.​

  • Want to learn more about common core standards?
  • Information from the Department of Health concerning Measles vaccinations and Measles Symptoms


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