Important Notices

  • Important Dates:
    • February 8 @ 7:30pm: School Board Meeting
    • February 10; starting at 1pm
      • Lifetouch Winter Sport Pictures
      • Picture Day ID: GF605565X0
    • February 13th: Parents Night Out Poster
      (Signup by Feb. 7th)
  • Need to get your valentine some flowers? Support the Howard School District by purchasing your flowers through your local Howard Education Association.
  • Each month Howard Education Association, along with the help of the teachers, awards a student with the Student of the Month Certificate and a small prize. These students can be chosen for their contributions to the school and community, for being caring, energetic students, making improvements in the classroom, and/or who have shown to be good role models for other students.​

Congratulations to the following students for being voted January Students of the Month: Blake Mommaerts, Paul Winker, Trevor Petrik, Cailey Hinker, Caitlyn Palmquist and Carolyn Koepsell.​

  • Want to learn more about common core standards?
  • Information from the Department of Health concerning Measles vaccinations and Measles Symptoms


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